WBRAO Brief History:

Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan Organization (WBRAO) is a non- government, and not-for-profit organization. It started its activities in 2008 from an Education Watch project funded by Oxfam-Novib. WBRAO registered with the Ministry of Economy in 2010, as well as connected with regional and global social watch organizations.

Since its establishment, WBRAO has been active in participating campaigns (Education, Literacy, Justice, Peace, Prevention of Child Abuse and Prevention of violence against women at national level with cooperation of the International organizations); organizing talk shows on media and commenting on quality education issues, watch & advocacy on the Right for quality education especially for girls and advocacy on the Rights of victims of violence especially women and girls. WBRAO is closely working with other NGOs and media outlets to achieve its long term goal and mission.

As a watch and advocacy organization, WBRAO had been started its activities to ensure the fair and equitable implementation of National Strategic Plans and Laws for Afghanistan through: