WBRAO is a non- government, independent and not-for-profit organization. WBRAO registered with the Ministry of Economy in 2010, as well as connected with national, regional and global organizations and networks.

Since its establishment, WBRAO has been active in designing and organizing awareness raising and advocacy programs on Education, Literacy, Justice, Peace, Prevention of Child Abuse and increasing access of women to their rights, through conducting capacity building programs, organizing national campaigns, organizing talk shows on media, and advocacy on the right for quality education especially for girls and advocacy on the rights of victims of violence especially women and girls. WBRAO is closely working with other NGOs and media outlets to achieve its long term goal and mission.

As a watch and advocacy organization, WBRAO had been started its activities to ensure the fair and equitable implementation of National Strategic Plans and Laws for Afghanistan through:

• Advocacy for improvement and implementation of the policies on Basic services and Rights (Education, Millennium Development Goal (MDG), Afghanistan Sustainably Development Goal (A-SDGs), Access to Information) and practices of national (state institutions, NGOs and media) and international (donors, UN agencies, INGOs, Regional and Global Networks) actors, influencing delivery of relevant services in Afghanistan;

• Raise awareness and mobilize communities and other relevant entities for active participation and coordinated actions.

• And Civic Education on basic rights of Afghanistan citizens.

The organization’s focused groups are mainly children, women, youth (Boys & Girls), Marginalized Groups and illiterates although, all of Afghan society benefits from our programs outcomes. WBRAO has valuable experiences implementing quality projects and programs for the advancement of basic rights situation in Afghanistan.

WBRAO is thankful to its donors for their sincere support to the people of Afghanistan, namely Malala Fund, Creative Associate International / Afghan Children Read Program (ACR), Oxfam Novib, US Embassy, Counterpart International, Asia Society, Tawanmandi Grant Program of British Council Afghanistan, USAID, SMO, CHA, Global Giving, and Open Society Afghanistan.

To address WBRAO’s vision and to achieve its mission, the organization is going to implement its strategies under the 4 Key Action Areas.

WBRAO as a Watch Organization will focus toward:

- Peace and Reconciliation
- Mitigation of Violence against Women and Girls
- Fighting against different kinds of child abuses
- Watching the access to formal, quality, livelong, inclusive and free education as well as literacy
for adults
- Active Citizenry

To have a stronger voice, WBRAO’s team maintain and expand our relationships with likeminded organizations and networks at the national and international levels including media (visual and social).


General assembly is the highest decision/policy making body in the organization, which has seven members elected for three years from the WBRAO, same-minded organizations and communities.
WBRAO is represented by the Managing Director. The Managing Director is assisted by the Executive Committee, which consists of the four departments’ Managers.
WBRAO four Departments are Communication & Media Relation, Research & Advocacy, Civic Education, Admin and Finance.
Each department is involved in its own program development, project implementation, reporting, training, stakeholders meetings, coordination, monitoring, and quality check in their focus areas. The Admin and Finance Department manages general services for the organization and its programs.

The organizational Chart, which displays organization’s main units and departments is as below:

Strategic Plan 2021 2025 WBRAO for Website13

Geographic Target Areas

The map shows the coverage areas of WBRAO in 24 provinces of Afghanistan. In exceptional cases where either the donor or the project happens to be strategic for WBRAO, the organization will stretch its presence to other provinces of the country as well.


Thematic Areas

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