. WBRAO has the secretariat of Movement for Support to Quality Education in Afghanistan (MSQEA), where campaigns, public awareness-raising, and advocacy at different levels are being carried out.

. WBRAO has the secretariat of Movement-57; where access to women's rights and women's political participation is the main objective of the Movement.

. In terms of memberships, WBRAO has been a member of networks and coalitions; Civil Society–Joint Working Group(CS-JWG),

. Board member of Civil Society Consultative Board For Peace (CCB-Peace),

. Board member of Afghanistan National Education Coalition (ANEC),

.National Alliance for Literacy (NAL),

. LIFE (Literacy Initiative for Empowerment),

. CSOs elected representative to A-SDGs 3rd technical working committee,

. CSOs elected representative to open government partnership Afghanistan OGP-A,

. Afghanistan Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN-Afghanistan),

. Afghan Women Network (AWN),

. Afghan civil society working committee member for international conferences for Afghanistan.
At the regional and international levels, WBRAO is a member of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in the Asia South Pacific (ASPBAE), Global Campaign for Education (GCE), and Malala Fund Gulmakai Network.