General assembly is the highest decision/policy making body in the organization, which has seven members elected for three years from the WBRAO, same-minded organizations and communities.
WBRAO is represented by the Managing Director. The Managing Director is assisted by the Executive Committee, which consists of the four departments’ Managers.
WBRAO four Departments are Communication & Media Relation, Research & Advocacy, Civic Education, Admin and Finance.
Each department is involved in its own program development, project implementation, reporting, training, stakeholders meetings, coordination, monitoring, and quality check in their focus areas. The Admin and Finance Department manages general services for the organization and its programs.



The organizational Chart, which displays organization's main units and departments is as below:



WBRAO is a member of strong networks at the national and international level, which has significant effect on the organization’s achievements.

WBRAO has continually benefited in working with its allies. WBRAO’s safety for its advocacy efforts, in the insecure and hostile environment of Afghanistan, has been strengthened. These networks and coalition enabled WBRAO to organize peace-building, child protection, education for all campaigns, and others. We not only prevent duplication but also create effective synergy that saves our energy. WBRAO continuously has benefited from exchange of information, skills, experience, materials, and opportunities for working with networks. Our diversity has strengthened our efforts in organizing different education, human rights, peace building, and child protection campaigns. It also assists WBRAO in expanding its networking activities at the grassroots level by establishing Girls Advocacy Groups (GAGs) and Movement 57 Group.

• WBRAO is a member of Partners in Development Network which is consists of four like-minded organizations; Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA) as the service delivery wing of the network, Saba Media Organization as the media wing of the Network, Organization of Human Resource Development (OHRD) as the capacity development wing of the network, and WBRAO as the Watch and advocacy wing of the network. The network covers almost all the country.

• WBRAO has the secretariat of Movement for Support to Quality Education (MSQEA); MSQEA is a member of Global Campaign for Education (GCE);

• WBRAO is a partner of Social Watch Afghanistan and member of International Social Watch;

• It is a partner of Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) for 19 Days-Prevention of Child Abuse Campaign;

• It is a partner for International Literacy Day Campaign, Peace Campaign, and Justice Campaigns;

• WBRAO joined the Afghanistan Civil Society Joint Working Group (CS-JWG)/ Media and Public Relation In-charge; member of working group for London Conference on Afghanistan 2014; and CS-JWG/Secretariat for Media and Public Relation;

• It is a member of National Action Coordination Group (NACG);

• A member of Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG);

• A member of Child-Act Law Preparation Committee;

• A member of Afghan Women Network (AWN);

• A member of Afghan Civil Society Election Network (ACSEN);

• A member of Afghanistan Civil Society Foundation Organization (ACSFO); and

• A member of Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN).