This project aims at raising the awareness level of men and women on human/women's rights at the household level, psycho social wellness and legal advice support to victims through media broadcasting outlets as well as enhancing women and men's awareness in relation to family violence, causes and consequences and how it negatively affects men, women and children in the family. People should be informed and educated on Afghanistan's civic law including family law. Violence cases of women will be identified in this project that will be filmed as TV documentaries and broadcasted through Saba TV for public awareness raising and facilitation of coordinated advocacy.

Duration: 17 March to 16 September 2012
Donor: Tawanmandi Grant Program of British Council Afghanistan
Location: 14 provinces of Afghanistan including Kabul

  • Self immolation of a 9 and 12 years old girls in Heart province 

This case was reported on two sisters (victim 1-12 years old and victim 2-9 years old.)

Father of the two young girls decided to marry his 12 years old daughter to his brother’s son in exchange of his brother daughter to his own son.

This decision was contrary to the consent of her daughter that after several days of violence, it led to self-immolation of Najiba and her younger sister.


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  • Escaping of a girl from home in Balkh province

This case was reported on a girl whose father was always against girl’s education. His ideology for girls was that they are to be at home, studying wouldn’t help them in their house chores. According to the girl (victim), her father has beaten her several times whenever he would see her studying. Lately, as he saw her studying for Kankor exams, he chained her feet and hands so that she wouldn’t study and/or attend school. Waiting for the opportunity, as she saw her father away from home, she headed towards Peace House to report her case to get her rights. 


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  •  Escaping of a woman from home in Balkh province

This case was reported on a lady who was brought to Khana-e-Aman (Peace house) of Balkh province by police. The lady (victim) explained her case by saying that when she came from Pakistan to Afghanistan, unlike her desires, her father forced her to marry her cousin. According to the victim, her cousin was an aged man but he was for some reason hiding his real age. Additionally, because the girl (victim) was paralyzed from her backside, she did not want to get married. Since victim’s father had taken a huge amount of money in exchange to get his daughter engaged to the mentioned man, for her father’s sake, the girl (victim) had to marry her cousin. As the marriage was against the victim’s want, due to several family problems, she left her husband’s house and at the present stage she prefers to be at Peace House instead. While asked from victim, she wants to go back to her father’s house but would never go to her husband’s house again. 

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  • Killing (shooting) of woman by Taliban in Parwan province 

The case started when a woman (victim) around 22 years old escaped from her husband’s house. A group of Taliban seized her after two months and brought her back to her village and charged her with adultery. Later on, it was agreed upon that the field court of Taliban should judge her destiny. Within two hours the inhabitants of the village got together and the leader of the village (a member of Taliban) announced her guiltiness in public. After the announcement, a Kalashnikov was given to her husband to kill his wife by his own hands. Thereafter, the husband mercilessly killed his wife (victim) by shooting several bullets into her body.

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  • Violence (beating) towards wife by her husband and mother in-law in Maymana province

The victim for this case was a girl who had gotten married 4 years and 6 months ago to a complete stranger. After a few months from their marriage, the husband left to Iran and stayed there for 4 years. According to the victim, her husband didn’t help her financially throughout the time when he was in Iran. As her husband returned after 4 years, he started doubting his wife that she has relations with her cousin. By the passage of time, her husband and her mother in-law without any proof started behaving violently with her. After all the abuses, he decided to get married to another girl as to mentally torture his wife. As he got married, the first wife (victim) left the house and went to her father’s house. 

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  • Killing (burning) of wife and her sister by husband in Jawzjan province 

This case was reported on a girl (victim) who had gotten married to a person in Jawzjan province whom his father had to pay a big amount of debt. Due to poverty, her father dealt his daughter in exchange of money. A few months later, the victim’s mother In-law and sister In-law stimulated the girl’s husband that your wife still doesn’t like you, she will get her divorce in near future. Due to the unstable state of mind and overly obsession, her husband decided to kill his wife.

It was early in the morning when the girl (victim) and her younger sister were sleeping in a room, taking advantage of the opportunity, her husband spills fuel all over the house and lighted a matchstick. They young girls were been saved by their neighbors as they heard them screaming and shouting calling for help. According to the doctors, their bodies were burnt to a very high degree. The little girl (victim’s younger sister) could not resist the injuries and died as they reached hospital, her elder sister (victim) resisted only one day and died the next day on hospital bed. 

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  • Abuse and family violence in Balkh province

For this case the investigative team got introduced to a lady (victim) who had met a boy at Kabul when she was 15. Without informing their parents, they got closer to each other and finally decided to go to Mazar province. On their way, they were seized and their parents were informed by police officers. As such acts are extremely offensive and intolerable in Afghanistan, therefore, their parents bribed court in order to proceed with the process of their marriage. After 5 years of marriage, the husband (guilty one) started doubting his wife. As the marriage was against the husband’s family, the victim’s sister in-law always add to his brother’s doubt towards his wife. Under the condition when he completely mistrusted his wife, he started to abuse and behave violently when ever he would see her. On the whole, when the situation became unbearable to the victim, she left her home and became refugee at Peace house. 

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  • Multiple rapes on a woman in Faryab province

A lady whom had an excruciating history of getting sexually assault by several men got her case reported for 9th case. To state in detail, for the past few years, the victim was living in Iran with her children, husband and in-law families. The victim’s worst days started when her brother in-law raped her. As her husband got aware of the case, without any delay, he killed his brother (guilty one). Consequently, the victim’s husband went to jail for killing his brother. Due to severe depression and the grudge that the victim’s in-law family had towards her, they killed her son in order to get their revenge. Soon after the death of her son, the victim came to Afghanistan and went to prosecutors to get her rights. Unfortunately, the prosecutors took advantage of the situation rather then providing her with her rights, they abused and rapped her. Under those circumstances, she became a refugee at Peace house, where she with her daughter made their living. 


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  • Forced marriage (family violence)

This case was reported on a 16 years old girl who had lost her parents when she was a kid; therefore, her uncle took her responsibility. As got older, she married a man whom her uncle had sold her to at her very young age. Unlike her wants, she had to stay happy in order to make a better living. Meanwhile, as the victim and her husband started to understand each other, her uncle decided to bring her back and get her engaged to his 45 years old son. Due to sovereignty of his uncle, the victim had to comply with his orders no matter how much she was against his decisions. In time, her new husband (her cousin) had another girl in his life. Even after their marriage, her husband never had a good relationship with his wife (victim) and was frequently meeting his girlfriend. All things considered, she had to leave her house and became a member at Peace house and started living there for the rest of her life.

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  • Forced marriage (Family violence)

For this case our investigative team got a chance of interviewing two victims. First victim’s case: A 15 years old girl was forced to marry a 45 years old man because her father had taken a huge amount of money from him and was unable to overcome the debt. After two months of her marriage life, her husband and in-law families started hating her, they used to beat, scold and torture her. Finally, she took a decision to escape her house and became a refuge at “Khana-e-aman” (Peace house) after when her father rejected her for staying at his house. Second victim’s case: A victim whose husband always tortured her physically and mentally, ultimately attacked her with knife having the intention of killing her. Due to extreme fear, the victim escaped her house and became a refuge at Peace House. Thereafter, her husband demanded 100,000 Afs in order to give her divorce. 


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  •  Sexual Assault 

For the this case WBRAO’s investigative team headed towards Sar-e-Pul province yet to uncover another case. The victim of the case, a 17 years old girl once lived in the neighboring province of Sar-e-Pul in Gosphandi district got sexually assault. As the case went public, both the guilty one and the victim were imprisoned for the offensive act. Due to high power and authority, the guilty person got out of the jail. As with the victim, she got pregnant after the incident and the fact that she was poor and powerless, was left in jail for 5 years. Due to the unjust and informal systems of this country, the guilty person is now enjoying his life outside of the jail where as the victim is suffering the worst days of her life with her baby who was born in jail. 

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  •  Self-immolation of woman in Herat province (family violence)

This irritant case researched was about self-immolation of a 20-years-old woman in Owba district of Herat province of Afghanistan.Our investigative team visited burns hospital in Herat province and met suicide victims. The victim for fifth case was a woman whom had faced violence and severe psychological pressure from her husband and In-Law family, not bearing any more violence, (self-immolation) seemed the best option to abolish her present situation. According to doctors the severity of her burns had reached 80%, and now she is under medications. 


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  •  Violence against woman in Laghman province

This case was reported on a woman who got married 9 months ago with a man in Laghman province.

After the 1st month of her marriage her husband brought strangers (male) in his house to have illegal affairs with his wife with the intention of earning money. When her wife refused to accept the deal, he locked his wife in a room for 4 days without providing her food and water.

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          Violence against woman in Herat province
This case was about violence against 27-years-old woman who got married 9 years ago with a man in Heart province. During 9 years of her marriage life she faced increasingly harsh behavior by her husband. As asked from her, she said her husband had poured hot tea over her head, beat her with wire, several times had attacked her with knife, and worse of all he cut her index finger and ate it. Due to his unstable state of mind, he killed his 3 years old son. Soon after the incident the neighbors helped the victim’s family, called police and got her husband (guilty one) arrested.

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        Killing of a young woman by her husband in Kapisa province
This case was documented on a murder case of a girl who had successfully finished her high school and passed in Sharaiat University. After her graduation from high school her family arranged her marriage and according to her family’s want, she married a guy at Kapisa province. As time passed, her husband started being abusive, as she complained about her marriage life to her parents, her parents went to her in-laws to solve the problem. The victim’s mother in-law refused but her husband said that I have the power and she is my wife I will do what I want. Violence stayed at that house for months until the husband (guilty person) with his mother’s support killed his wife and later on burnt her body.

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      Escaping of a woman from home in Kabul province (Family violence)

A woman was forced to marry her cousin in exchange of 150000 Afs. After the marriage her husband sold her to another person in Jalal Abad, from Jalal Abad this man sold her to another person for considerable amount of money and she ended up back to Kabul, besides all the misfortunes, she was beaten to a degree that at the present stage she is suffering from psychological problems. As asked from victim, she is unaware of her parents and does not want to go back to her father again.

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